Black-Owned Business Holiday Gift Guide

Yes, I am very aware that there are many Holiday Gift Guides out here in these streets. Most of the gift guides have to do with electronics and items that everyone always gets. This year why not support black businesses. What is better than supporting our people?
For this gift guide, I am going to highlight some of my favorite Black Businesses. These are Black Businesses that I enjoy, and I have personally purchased these items or plan on buying from. I wanted to give you something from the heart! Some of these businesses are owned by people I know and can speak to their work quality. What’s better than first-hand recommendations?
Please take a look at my gift guide, and I hope you find some good inspiration. But if you have any Black Business gift ideas, please let me know. I would love to continue to share and support our people!


Nae2Curly Apparel, Black is My Superpower, God Is Dope, Mess in a Bottle

Nae2Curly Apparel: Nae2Curly, is a Natural Hair YouTuber that I have watched for a few years. She has empowered her viewers to embrace their curls no matter what hair type they are. In her clothing line, her most popular sweatshirt is her “Hair Type: Poppin’” Sweatshirt. This is a nod to the question she regularly gets about her hair type. Her items are of excellent quality and will have you making a stylish statement.
Instagram: @Nae2curlyapparel

God Is Dope: Now, you may have seen these ads pop up a lot on your Instagram feed. I know I have, but one thing I can say, I love God Is Dope; it’s a simple yet powerful message. I know in my friend group we often see a sale come up from the God is Dope IG Page. They even hold apparel as low as $5.99! I have two shirts and a hat from God is Dope.
Instagram: @Godisdope

Mess in a Bottle: Yes, there is a running theme. I LOVE shirts with a message! These cool shirts get packaged into a bottle; how cool is that? They have compelling statements and sayings. I first learned about this brand from Luvvie Ajayi, one of my favorite podcasters. My favorite Mess in a Bottle shirt is “Torn Between eating a snack and being a snack.” When I first read that shirt, I said OWWWW out loud. This is an excellent brand for your friend that enjoys humor in a shirt.
Instagram: @messinabottle

Black is My Superpower: Black is My Superpower is a clothing brand, but I also love their home accessories. The brand is owned by a perfect friend and soror of mine and carries a bold statement. BLACK IS MY SUPERPOWER, and who can argue with that? It is a statement that empowers the essence of who we are as black people. I have the beautiful mug. I plan to buy a nice throw pillow for my new apartment that I am currently manifesting as we speak. She also sells shirts, hats, shirt-dresses, masks, sweatshirts, and even baby onesies! Let’s give a friend the gift of being unapologetically black! The Black Friday sale is extended. She is offering 20% will be applied to your cart at checkout.
Instagram: @Blackismysuperpower


GBead Adornment, Fearless Jewelry, Grace Eleyae, Eye Whitney, Coloring Pins

GBead Adornments: I started wearing waist beads for about two months, and honestly… I feel like a baddie! I love wearing waist beads, and I love the foundational meaning of waist beads. GBead Adornments have to be my favorite place to get my beads. Gabrielle, the owner, and my friend create custom waist beads. She works full time but still focuses on producing quality work for her customers. You can also grab some bracelets for your friends. But beautiful waist beads are a great gift to get your friends.
Instagram: @gbeadadornments

Fearless Jewelry: Livin’ Fearless is another YouTuber I’ve recently started watching. I enjoy her style and how she accessorizes her outfits with her jewelry. I realized that she makes her jewelry, and it’s timeless! She sells gorgeous necklaces and stackable bracelet sets. All her metals are gold filled and will not rust or tarnish. When I am telling you her items are quality, girl, they are quality! And they are handmade. Nothing is better than gifting beautiful black-owned jewelry to a loved one.
Instagram: @fearless_jewelry

Grace Eleyae: Recently Grace Eleyae placed on Oprah’s favorite things. I have loved Grace Eleyae for their satin-lined baseball caps. These satin-lined accessories are great to hair prevent breakage, and I often wear my hat during a workout. Grace Eleyae also sells fedoras, winter hats, scrunchies, and fashionable headbands. And you guessed it; they are all satin-lined. The perfect gift to have someone looking fashionable while also protecting their hair. They have 10% off of orders $95 or above. Some items are also 50% off!
Instagram: @Graceeleyae

Eye Whitney: Now, I did not buy anything from Eye Whitney yet! But they are on my wish list of things I want for Christmas. (HINT: BOYFRIEND) I have had my eye on some of her beautiful gold-filled pieces for a while. Whitney Roberts is another YouTuber I watch to follow her VSG story. But I quickly fell in love with her handmade jewelry. I want her Prime Evil Necklace. Once I make my weight goal, I plan on getting the Gold Flat Waist Chained.
Instagram: @Eye_Whitney

Coloring Pins: I loved to jazz up my professional outfits with a pin that showed my personality. Coloring pins gives you quality melanin inspired pins. My favorite pin is the Zaria pin, the black version of Daria’s cartoon character. (If you know me, that’s one of my favorite shows of all time). They also have very New York pins like a metro card that says FACTS or a New York License Plate that says “Yerrrr.” You can get these styles in pins, key chains, or charms for your crocs! There is still a sale going on for buy one get one 50%, charms not included.
Instagram: @Coloringpins


Blushing Lotus Creative, Forvr Mood

Blushing Lotus Creative: It’s always good to have a lovely personalized mug or tumbler. Blushing Lotus Creative offers cups, tumblers, and wine glass. Her hand made snow-globe tumblers are perfect for your loved one who is an avid Starbucks drinker. She also makes shirts and trinket dishes. What makes these products unique is that a nurse handcrafts them. What’s more impressive than ordering a product from an essential Black worker?
Instagram: @Blushinglotuscreative

FORVR MOOD: Do you have a friend that loves a good candle? Let them get on this lux candle vibe. The lovely YouTuber Jackie Aina created this luxury candle brand to develop a mood in someone’s home. These candles have a compelling yet beautiful scent, creating a wonderful experience in someone’s home. Set those discount Marshall’s candles to the side and get on this vibe, chile!
Instagram: @Forvrmood

Beauty & Skincare

K’Cheyenn’e Beauty, Noire Beaute Bar, Bevel

K’Cheyenn’e Beauty: What to have poppin’ skin? Want some flawless makeup? Look no further. My friend and sorority sister K’Cheyenn’e got you covered. She has highly pigmented lipsticks, lip glosses, eyeshadows, and highlighters. She’s also got you with excellent body care for your face and after Brazilian care. These products make for great gifts for your loved ones who are makeup and skincare junkies. Stop wasting your money at Sephora and get something from my good sis! And if you are in Connecticut, you can always book an appointment for her many spa services. She has fantastic customer service and fast shipping!

Noire Beauté Bar: This all-natural skin company will have your melanin poppin’. Give your loved ones the gift of soft and supple skin. They have both skin and body care items that will leave someone feeling smooth, even in the coldest of winters. My favorite product is the Blue Moon Whipped Scrub because it is super moisturizing. I also want to try their Turmeric & Honey Complexion Booster Cleansing Bar, to give my face the glow from within look that I love. All first-time buyers get 15% off!
Instagram: @Noirebeautebar

Bevel: This grooming company focuses on skincare for the black man. This is a great way to show the man in your life that you care. They have affordable high-end shaving sets. For men with beards, they also carry beard care sets. There are many bundle items to choose from. You can even pick up their items online, at CVS, Target, Amazon, and Walmart.
Instagram: @Bevel


Rhyme Antics, What Jazz Has, McBride Sister, Caribbrew, Original Flava

Caribbrew: This one is for my Coffee Lovers! This is a great way to help your loved one save their money by ordering that 5 dollar coffee each day before work. This is Black-owned coffee brewed from my motherland HAITI! These are rich coffees come in beans, grounds, and even K-Cups. Each item is packaged with the most beautiful Haitian artwork. They even have moisturizing coffee scrubs, if you want to throw in extra body care treats for your friends. They are also doing free shipping if you spend $50+.
Instagram: @Caribbrew

What Jazz Has: Give the gift of LIGHT! Ornaments are always great stocking stuffers for family members. These handmade ornaments literally light up any Christmas tree. They also can add some extra interest to a tree that needs something different.
Instagram: @What.jazz.has

Rhyme Antics Game: I do not know if y’all know yet, but I am a rapper. I’ve been about this trap life for a minute. I love to prove my skills with this game. Rhyme antics is a fun vocabulary game where you make rhymes based on the word. It is a great way to help support your friend’s rap career or at least have friendly fun in a game. The trick is to buy a game you like and give it to a friend so that they bring it to their game night! It’s a win for all! You can buy Rhyme Antics on the site, Amazon, or even at any Black-owned game store.
Instagram: @Rhymeantics

Original Flava: Cookbooks are always a good gift for friends that enjoy or are learning to cook. One thing I was doing a lot during this pandemic was cooking new recipes. I love learning to cook new Caribbean dishes (of course, with a healthy twist). This is a great gift to give a friend. There are endless recipes to choose from in this cookbook! The McAnuff brothers created a great book to have you drooling just by flipping through the pages.
Instagram: @Originalflavas

McBride Sisters: To stay on the topic of siblings, let’s pop some bottles the black-owned way! With the McBride Sisters! ! Order some Black Girl Magic Wine or Champagne from McBride Sisters Wine. I have had this wine before, and it tastes terrific. My favorite is the Red Blend. I love me some red wine! People love to pop a bottle for the holidays, so why not come correct!
Instagram: @McBrideSisters

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