Realistic Holiday Fitness

Now you know, I don’t get all the answers, Sway! But I am doing my best with this fitness journey thing. As the holidays come around, I am working through finding ways to make my fitness goals while not being too hard on myself.

Around this time, this is where willpower starts to slip for me. I love a good cookie, Buche de Noel (FRENCH PASTRY), and all the yummy Haitian food my mom is about to make. AND THE CREMAS CAN’T FORGET THE CREMAS. Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yea, my fitness journey.

In this journey, I am genuinely trying to stay on track, but I don’t want to deprive myself at the same time. I know many of us to have either gained weight during quarantine or have worked hard to make changes in our life. During Holiday Season, there are so many treats that can tempt us. Yes, of course we want to stick to our goals and stay focused. But, we need to be realistic with ourselves. I have created these five rules to keep myself on track during this time.

  1. Plan Cheat Meals: There are so many times we go into things without a plan. Plan ahead! What are some cheat meals do you plan on partaking in during this time—factor all of that in your goals.
  1. Put Fun in Your Workout Routines: The holidays can be overwhelming; we buy gifts, send cards, and don’t forget the whole ass PANDEMIC! We are working through a lot of things this holiday season. Adding a workout to your daily routine around this time of the year can feel like a drag. The days already seem shorter because it gets dark earlier in the day. It is best to find workouts that will have you feeling like you are having fun. Take that time as a fun break for yourself. I love a great dance workout or listening to music to make me feel good.
  1. Meal Prep: As I said earlier, this is a hectic time. Try to plan your healthy meals ahead of time, so it’s one less thing to worry about. I make my chicken and veggies for the week, so I have it ready to have. I even meal prep my healthy snacks (salt and vinegar cucumbers yum yum, my chip substitute.)
  1. Stay Hydrated: Most of the time, think we are hungry, but we are dehydrated. Keep a big jug of water with you, and it will change your life. These motivational water jugs are helpful. There are times when I feel hungry and then look at my water jug, realizing I am an hour behind. Once I drink enough water to get back on track, I am less hungry. Water is a great way to curb your appetite!
  1. Just Enjoy the Holidays: It has been a crazy year, and we all deserve a little happiness. So if you end up eating more cheat meals than expected, don’t beat yourself up about it. Maybe go a little harder in your exercises. Or try to eat the healthier version of your favorite treats. Don’t overthink it; you will get to your goals.

It’s okay to have fitness goals during the Holiday season, but you need to be realistic. Do not cause any added stress and anxiety to yourself. You got this!

Please share any tips and tricks for staying on track for the Holiday season in the comment section. You never know who you will be helping out.

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