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I am Rachel. I want to use my words as my voice. I want to share my journey of self-discovery. I will use my voice to help others grow and be BRAVE enough to do and say things that they have always wanted to!

Don’t Forget to Breathe

Each day this week, I have done different breathing exercises to help me remember to breathe. They have helped me reduce stress levels, lower my heart rate, lower my blood pressure, improve my mood, regulate my body’s reaction to stress and fatigue, a mitigate my feelings of burnout. Here are some of the breathing exercises…

Baddie Workout Playlist

Need the energy to get you pumped for your workout? In honor of Women’s Month,I have created a good old girl mix playlist. This music highlights the new Hip Hop and R&B sound. Trap beats and loud bass to make you crush your gym goals and be ready for that sundress body. Click BITM: Leikeil47Ex…

Toxic Body Positivity

Do not put yourself on this pedestal. It is okay to not be okay with everything about you. For example, I can’t always have a love for the acne scars on my skin. And I for sure don’t have to like my saggy extra skin from my weight loss. Yes, there are days when I…


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