Pop Holiday Music Playlist

Now, you might think that I only have my R&B and Hip Hop down packed. And you’re right! But I do have a love for Pop Music! Trust me. I know all the 90s pop group dance moves. You all remember Daren’s Dance Grooves? HAHA, anywho, this playlist will introduce you to my love ofContinue reading “Pop Holiday Music Playlist”

Black-Owned Business Holiday Gift Guide

Yes, I am very aware that there are many Holiday Gift Guides out here in these streets. Most of the gift guides have to do with electronics and items that everyone always gets. This year why not support black businesses. What is better than supporting our people?For this gift guide, I am going to highlightContinue reading “Black-Owned Business Holiday Gift Guide”

Holiday R&B Hit List

Did somebody say Holiday Content? Well let’s hit this thing off right with some beautiful music. R&B Holiday Music has got to be my favorite. It’s those melodic tones that just get you in the spirit. Feels like a big warm hug from MAMA! Get cozy and get into the spirit with my Holiday R&BContinue reading “Holiday R&B Hit List”