Boohoo Activewear Review

A lot of people say, fancy workout gear makes them more inclined to want to workout. I honestly don’t feel that way. But, as I have get into working out more frequently, I find myself reaching for workout gear even when I run errands. One of the most difficult parts about getting good activewear is having getting activewear that is durable, comfortable, and inexpensive. There are so many big name brands that have great items but when you look at the price tag, your eye jump out the sockets. 

The online site has a lot of amazing options for activewear. I decided to buy a set and quarter zip sweatshirt. Here is my review of the two items. 

Me wearing the Fit Camo Contouring Seamless Set

Boohoo Fit Camo Contouring Seamless Set: This set is sold separately, but it is beautifully made. It is very durable and has excellent compression. It might be hard to get on at first because of the compression, but once you have it on, it feels perfect. I love the top because I can wear my low impact bras with it, and it will still hold me in (very big boob friendly). 

The leggings feel really lovely. They also have significant compression. And are sweat resistant. You will not have sweat stains on the leggings or the top. 

Price: Top- $16.00 Bottom- 17.50 

Picture taken from of Raglan Funnel Neck Top

Active Raglan Funnel Neck Top: This Raglan top is okay, not the best. The zipper lays on the chest a little strange. It is also way too big. It is very long on the arms but fits on the body. It is still lovely for activewear if you are going for a run and want to keep warm but not too warm because it is lightweight. 

Price: $15.00 

All in all, I would say to check out Boohoo for quality activewear sets. I think it looks good for the body. Boohoo also has a lot of great sales. I LOVE A GOOD SALE. Most activewear can run you like $60-65 for a good set. Why not get something for half the price?  

(All links are attached to the name of each product)

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