The 2021 Goodbye

Let’s just say that while I had so many highs this year. There were so many lows. Imagine feeling like life is all falling into place but also having a rattling feeling that something bad is going to happen or if you do one thing wrong things will shift dramatically. I sometimes anticipate things going wrong to the point where when they do happen, I have no plan to pick the pieces back up because took too much for my energy planning for the wrong time to happen. Failure is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The Game Chose Me

At 3 years old, no one ever says I want to be a Higher Ed professional when I grow up. Because honestly, how many people actually know what that is right now. Trust me, not a lot, because people never really understand what I do even after telling them. But how did I get anContinue reading “The Game Chose Me”