Don’t Forget to Breathe

Each day this week, I have done different breathing exercises to help me remember to breathe. They have helped me reduce stress levels, lower my heart rate, lower my blood pressure, improve my mood, regulate my body’s reaction to stress and fatigue, a mitigate my feelings of burnout. Here are some of the breathing exercises I am trying: 

Thank God For Therapy

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month, so let’s talk about therapy! There’s something about therapy that gives you clarity and understanding of who you are and how you react to others. I did not know how much I needed therapy until I started.

Spring Cleaning

I am under construction. I am working on a rebirth of Rachel. I am learning to speak out more and tell my truth. I am learning to set clear boundaries with loved ones. Most importantly I am learning to be more content with who I am becoming. In less than 30 days, I will beContinue reading “Spring Cleaning”

Movies with a Dash of Racism

My best friend & I love going to the movies together. From elementary through high school, we would have a ritual to see great movies together. But who would know this trip to AMC was about to change our perspective on racism and prejudice?  It was junior year of high school me and my bestContinue reading “Movies with a Dash of Racism”

They: “You Need to Set Boundaries”

They: “You need to set boundaries.” Me: “I’ll do that now.” They: “But first, can you help me move this mountain.” Me: “Yea, sure, hold on.” Setting boundaries are easier said than done, and trust me, it’s something I am still working on. From the demands of family, friends, relationships, groups, and work; it canContinue reading “They: “You Need to Set Boundaries””