Thank God For Therapy

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month, so let’s talk about therapy! There’s something about therapy that gives you clarity and understanding of who you are and how you react to others. I did not know how much I needed therapy until I started.

Bittersweet 16

I planned my Sweet 16 for MONTHS! I was so excited to turn 16, and I wanted to make it a production. I hassled my mom for hours, telling my mother my vision about my Sweet 16. I wanted it to be a fairytale. And it was. My mom worked so hard to make itContinue reading “Bittersweet 16”

Smile & Shine Playlist

You wake up feeling good. You’re lounging around the house in your favorite sweats, and you’re enjoying the true essence of being alone. Or you could be cleaning your home and need something to bop to. This playlist is called Smile & Shine because it puts you in the zone of peace and happiness. ItContinue reading “Smile & Shine Playlist”

Movies with a Dash of Racism

My best friend & I love going to the movies together. From elementary through high school, we would have a ritual to see great movies together. But who would know this trip to AMC was about to change our perspective on racism and prejudice?  It was junior year of high school me and my bestContinue reading “Movies with a Dash of Racism”