Toxic Body Positivity

Do not put yourself on this pedestal. It is okay to not be okay with everything about you. For example, I can’t always have a love for the acne scars on my skin. And I for sure don’t have to like my saggy extra skin from my weight loss. Yes, there are days when I am feeling myself those days come often… I be feeling myself honey. But there are days where I feel like nothing looks right on me and that is okay. I try not to put too much pressure on me to hide behind an overly confident facade. 

This is Why I Can’t Have Nice Things.

Are you a person who can’t receive compliments? Well, that’s me AF!

People at times perceive me as humble, but it is honestly a defense mechanism. Compliments have always been cringy to me because I am tough on myself. It is hard to accept praise when I do not believe it entirely.

100 lbs Giveaway

The wait is over! My 100 lbs giveaway is here! I am so happy that I shared my journey with you all that I felt like it was only right to celebrate my weight loss with a giveaway. I decided to giveaway these items because they have become staples for my success in my journey.Continue reading “100 lbs Giveaway”

Lage On Ti Kompa! (Release a little Kompa!)

It’s May y’all! So that means it’s Haitian Heritage Month. You know I got to leave you with that good nolatsgic Kompa music. These are some songs my family and I really love. These are the songs I used to dance around with my Haitian friends with in college! I hope you enjoy these amazingContinue reading “Lage On Ti Kompa! (Release a little Kompa!)”