Level Up: Pre-Workout Review

Before my workout journey, I never thought about supplements or ways to increase my workout quality. When I started to get serious about getting healthy, I researched different protein powders and supplements to keep me on point. Recently I got my hands on Just Move Energy Rush Supplement. This is a keto-friendly pre-workout supplement thatContinue reading “Level Up: Pre-Workout Review”

Down in The Dumps: VSG Regrets

VSG Surgery has been excellent for me so far. I feel like it has put a fire under me to really work on myself. HOWWWWWWEVER! There are some serious things that I HATE about being sleeved. The thing I hate the most about VSG is the Dumping! What’s dumping? Listen to this story, then you’llContinue reading “Down in The Dumps: VSG Regrets”