Toxic Body Positivity

Toxic Positivity is destroying us!!!! Some people live in this facade of “Don’t Worry Be Happy” and Hakuna Matata… But you can’t throw positivity at every situation in life. It is okay to think some things just suck sometimes 

You cannot be positive 24/7 and if you are, well sis, the lie detector determined that that is a lie. Because Rachiiespeaks for damn sure ain’t happy all the time. 

Toxic positivity means that people are silencing all negative thoughts and creating alternative outlooks on situations to look on the bright side. IMPOSSIBLE; just like Whitney said in the Black version of Cinderella)

I used to be on this positivity wave, but I have learned that toxic positivity burned me the F OUT! I couldn’t stand to just look at the positive versions of everything in life. And that also went hand in hand with the movement of body positivity.  

People often think that body positivity is the answer to insecurities. Love yourself at all sizes, Love yourself in any style things don’t need to flatter you. Yes, you can do all those things, but it is fine to acknowledge the flaws that you see in you and want more for yourself. It is fine to have insecurities and not feel 100% confident all the time.

Do not put yourself on this pedestal. It is okay to not be okay with everything about you. For example, I can’t always have a love for the acne scars on my skin. And I for sure don’t have to like my saggy extra skin from my weight loss. Yes, there are days when I am feeling myself those days come often… I be feeling myself honey. But there are days where I feel like nothing looks right on me and that is okay. I try not to put too much pressure on me to hide behind an overly confident facade. 

It is hard to believe that ANYONE loves their body 100% of the time. Surgery, natural, sleeve, skinny, short, tall, fat. We all got insecurities and that is normal. We can embrace our bodies and still struggle with some of the parts of who we are that we don’t like and want a change. Stop thinking that the positivity movement will help you free your mind from how you feel. Masking your feelings with positivity can gaslight you to try to overcome insecurities that you have not fully processed yet.  You can love yourself but not like parts of yourself. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

From now on, I have Body Acceptance and not Body Positivity. I Accept my body for what is and what it has brought me through in my 30 years of life. But I also acknowledge and accept the fact that there are things about me that I will continue to struggle with. And that’s just human. 

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