Every few months, The Girls find a new way for us to snatch our waists. I know you all have seen the new waist wraps. They have been all over IG & TIKTOK, and it seems like those ads pop up every 5 seconds.

Now, I was pretty skeptical at first. I have had multiple waist snatcher belts, drip belts, waist trainers, and sweatbands because I will do whatever it takes to flatten this fupa, honey. But now this Ultimate Waist Wrap has really got me feeling #SNATCHEDANDTOGETHER.

I bought my Ultimate Waist Wrap from On the site, these are some of the claims and specifics:

  • Watch your waist shrink before your own eyes in a matter of seconds!
  • Adjustable stretch wrapping for ALL sizes
  • Wear underneath your clothes or on top.
  • No bones, what do ever!!! Comfortable fit so you can wear it for long periods at a time
  • Great back support, which helps with better posture

I’ve been using the Waist Wrap for about a month now and girllllllll, let me tell you. THIS. THING. GOT. ME. FEELING. GOOD. It smoothed out my lower belly so much that I felt like a new woman. What waist? No waist. It made my flab into a flat-flat, completely flattening my lower abdomen, which is my main problem area.

For my workouts, I have also added a layer of saran wrap under the garment, and it helped me get a good sweat in. It torched my mid-section but in a great way.

As far as comfortability, because there is no boning on the wrap, you can adjust your wrap to your comfort. If it’s too tight, you can loosen it up; if you want it tighter, you can stretch the wrap closer to your body for a more secure fit.

The wrap is machine washable, so you can just throw it into in wash between workouts. I also plan on wearing my wrap-under clothes to give me that smooth look.

Please check out my affiliate link and order the belt for yourself if you want to try it! Also, check out my reel on IG with me trying on the wait belt!

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