Uncomfortable Growth

A wise person once said to me, “You have to be uncomfortable to grow.”

Ending any friendship might have been the hardest thing I will ever do in the journey to find my voice. I usually just let things phase out when friendships end. Without closer or anything. 

While it was always hard for me to walk away. I try to make up and work it out, by keeping in touch.  The “Old Rachel” use to let friends put all the blame on her and cover her hurt to make accommodate others. 

I am no longer making accommodations for people in my life. 

Accommodating Rachel is gone! She will not replenish a friendship the way you want without you considering her feelings first. 

-Thank Management 

Too many times I blame myself for ruining a friendship but what I have learned from my relationship is that a partnership bears fruit when both are working towards it. Being the one that always has to apologize or ask if someone is okay, does not work. In the words of Fantasia: If you don’t want me then don’t talk to me

I used to stress myself over friendships. I hardly asked myself, if a friendship is worth fighting for. Because in my eyes,  they were always worth fighting for. Even if the friendship meant nothing anymore, I still tried to make it work. 

But I finally took a step to demand peace in my life. I have learned to hold people accountable for how they make me feel. This does not mean ending a friendship per se, but this means acknowledging when I am hurt and how something makes me feel. I often assume a friend knows how I feel or just doesn’t care. Well listen here, it’s over for that. You are gonna hear me and you are going to listen. 

I have begun to say how I feel and how things make me feel. And if that means losing friends over it, well, at least I said what I said.

This is a message for anyone who let’s their friends treat them any type of way:

If you allow anyone to treat you that way. You will be the only one hurting at the end of the day!

One thought on “Uncomfortable Growth

  1. This is just what I needed to hear accommodating yourself for the comfort of other people should not be the norm at all in relationships any relationship especially friendships


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