Should You Van Gogh?

I felt like I was walking into the paintings. That’s how I felt in the Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience Exhibit. 

Van Gogh put his soul into his work but also talks about losing his mind in the process. This immersive experience sheds light on the journey of Van Gogh as an artist while also shedding light on his mental health. 

The Van Gogh: Immersive Experience is open in NY until October 2021. Tickets are $36.50 for adults but $54.50 for adult VIP. I know people are wondering if it is worth it; here is a rundown of my experience. 

Is it Safe/Covid-friendly?

Yes, All attendees are required to wear masks throughout the duration of the exhibit. Guests are required to social distance, and all seats are separated more than 6 feet apart. 

Noteworthy Locations in the Exhibit. 

360 Degree Room w/ 15,000 ft Screens: The room we walked into tells a story about its works of art. The music, quotes, and narrations put you inside the paintings and the mind of Van Gogh. 

Social Distanced while also enjoying the amazing view

The VR Experience: will give you a deeper dive into the experience. You walk into Van Gogh’s room, and it keeps opening doors to different paintings as you feel what. I really enjoyed those pieces of the 

VR Experience

Paint Like Van Gogh: was cool because you got to color a blank copy of Van Gogh’s pieces with the crayons they provided and then you get to upload your work on the wall. I felt like a real artist because your art was displayed for everyone to see! Here’s a picture of my artwork. 

My artwork from Paint like Van Gogh

The rest of the experience is an elevated museum version with artwork timelines and a deeper dive into his art. 

My Rating

I would rate the experiences a 7/10. While I really enjoyed the experience, I feel like the experience could be a bit longer. I got the VIP ticket which gave me access to the VR experience and a free Van Gogh Poster of one of his artworks. I think I could have gotten a little more with my tickets.

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