Breaking Up With Burnout

Burnout is real! It sneaks up on you like a snake in a garden. Snap! It hits you; you are overworked, irritable, and need a break.

When I feel burnout, it is usually hard for me to let go of responsibilities out of guilt. I feel like I need to keep pushing myself more and that I need to release any thoughts of slowing down. NOT GOOD, RACHEL, NOT GOOD AT ALL! When I try pushing myself even harder, guess what? The quality of my work also goes down because I have less motivation to things done. 

I try to avoid burnout at all costs, but let’s be honest, it happens, and you gotta find ways to deal with it. 

This past week I had feelings of stress and burnout real bad. Though I tried different things to get out of it, it took a little longer to break free from those feelings.

Though this week was exceptionally hard for me, I think it is still good to share some helpful tips to deal with burnout. 

  1. Take a Nap: Sometimes, your body just needs rest. Give yourself some time to recharge your body.
  2. Talk to Friends: Your friends can do a lot to help your mental health. They can get you out of the house and help you experience more joy. Lean into the friends that matter to you the most. My best friend helped me with this last week. She encouraged me to go out with her, and those few hours helped put my mind at ease. 
  3. Take a Walk: A little fresh air never hurt anyone. We spend much time working behind a screen or hyper-focused on our tasks at work. Take some time to smell the fresh air. Focus your energy on nature and your breath. 
  4. Laugh: I believe laughter can cure a lot of things. When I am sad, I have a few video clips or tv episodes that I know will make me laugh. Laughing always makes me renew my spirit and helps me keep going. Watch something funny that will make you smile.
  5. Learn to Delegate: Burnout can be avoided if you ask for help. It is okay to give a little control away to your friends. You are not weak if you ask for help (I learned this lesson last week)…

I hope these tips helped. A combination of all of these tips helped me during a rough time. Let me know some other ways to combat burnout!

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