Growing Pains

I don’t know about ya’ll but getting to big 30, I feel like there have been many transitions for me in my life. I am not even talking about my weight loss or my engagement. I am thinking about the heart work and personal development that I have been literally slapped with. 

At first, I thought I was in control of all these changes in my life. Nope. God has a funny way of taking the wheel to make necessary changes in your life. Just when you think you are doing all these remarkable changes in your life, God hits you with this sense of clarity. 

When you are uncomfortable, you grow

Clarity is a good thing, but lately, these growing pains have been painful as hell! As I have mentioned before, I am conflict-avoidant. New situations in my life force me to step out of my old ways and speak up for myself. There are things that I notice about myself and others, and  I can no longer shake off. And man, that shit hurts. Because that means I am ending certain parts of my life.

I just keep seeing more and more changes happening or set to happen in my life, and I am not sure I will keep track of them. My anxiety has been trying to fight these changes as a defense mechanism. My anxiety does not like to be pushed out of my comfort zone. 

But a wise once said to me, “When you are uncomfortable, you grow.” 

That is so damn true. You’re never going to be ready for all the changes in your life, and seeing those changes manifest is like going to a bunch of mini funerals. It’s like you are burying old significant parts of your life. As you morn one aspect of your life, here comes a new situation or a new sense of clarity that makes you transition to another part of your life. 

I am open to embracing all changes that happen, but dang, I didn’t know it hit different like this! Y’all, 30-year-old people ain’t tell me it was going to be like this!!!! As my health, personal life, friendships, mindset, career, and personal goals start to shift, I feel like I am just trying to find my footing.

If you are also having growing pains, let’s talk about them. I know they are challenging to go through but remember that growth is on the other side of that pain.

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