Rachiie… SPEAK!

The mission for my blog is to give a voice to the voiceless. I found it vital for me to make a platform for women like me who had problems using their voices to speak their truth. Now seven months after starting this blog, I have learned that I have ways to go. I still have trouble asserting myself and telling people how I feel. 

We do not want to use our voices for fear of rejection or causing more problems. But as a 30-year-old woman, I am now starting to realize that there is value in my voice, and it is okay if people disagree. I always would bite my tongue because I would worry about how others would feel or how I would be perceived. Sometimes I felt like avoiding an argument made more sense than being combative. 

What happens when you speak? 

I often play out in my mind what happens if I just say how I feel. Through therapy (and this blog), I have learned that I like to sort out my feelings through writing. If I need to unpack some things, I write. Sometimes the words don’t come out as naturally speaking overwriting with pen and paper. I tend to filter on something if I just talk naturally because my brain tells me to sugar coat things to avoid any problems. 

Not speaking ends up hurting me in the process. When there are times I let things left unsaid or questions unanswered, my thoughts run wild. I makeup perceptions that may or may not be accurate. 

What happens when you speak?

When I speak, I feel freer. When I tell people how I think, we have an opportunity to talk things out. I can’t control how someone feels when I speak my truth, but I can say my piece and feel better that I said something. 

On this journey to be a better version of myself. I find little moments to speak my truth. Whether it be at work, in my relationships, or even this blog. There is value in what I have to say. And there is value in your experiences as well. Let’s learn to speak together! 

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