Thank God For Therapy

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month, so let’s talk about therapy! There’s something about therapy that gives you clarity and understanding of who you are and how you react to others. I did not know how much I needed therapy until I started. I couldn’t wait to start. I decided to go about two years ago, and it took me the entire two years to actually find the best therapist for me.

If you think it is easy to get a therapist, it is not. You need to find someone you have a good rapport with and, most importantly, take your insurance. At first, I would see people that I vibe with and thought I could start my process with. But then they were either out of network or not taking additional clients.

You glow different when you’re in therapy

How did I find my therapist? Easy! This is a site and a podcast. For a while, I used to listen to the podcast that Therapy for Black Girls hosts. Through listening to stories and putting pieces together about my own mental health, I realized the importance of getting a therapist. I realized I can not take on this load alone that I needed someone to help me sort things out for me. It was then I decided to be serious about seeking counsel. Once I got my new job, I searched for a therapist in my area via

I found four therapists, and at first, I thought I would never get someone because people were either not accepting new clients or did not respond. But a week and a half later, I finally got a call! I finally got a therapist! I told my best friend and Fiancé because they knew how long I was looking for a good therapist.

Zen out!

I came into therapy guns blazing. I knew with my issues with anxiety that I needed additional support. I knew that I needed to make changes to be a better me. I always had so many things I need to unpack to help me elevate into my new chapter of womanhood. I am passionate about doing the work to be a better me, and I am so proud of myself. Therapy is not easy because a lot of truths come out. But you owe it to yourself to take care of your mental health. As I workout almost every day, I have also noticed that working on my inside and mental health has been essential in my new chapter. It’s all about that mind, body, and soul at big 30 babyyyy!

I urge you all to do the work not for others but for yourself. Therapy can genuinely change your mindset on things. The process might belong to find a therapist, but it is always worth it!

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