Killer Cravings

I said it before, and I’ll repeat it. This health journey is not easy. I love hazelnut chocolate (specifically Lindt’s). I love donuts, especially when they are from a nice gourmet donut shop. I love to eat Thai food takeout. And it’s not just a little Thai food I take out. I like to get ALL THE THAI FOOD! So yummy. All of this is making me hungry so let me get to my point. I enjoy food, and it has been tough to change my lifestyle completely. 

Of course, my weight loss program through VSG was super helpful, but I still have anxiety about eating the wrong things or going back to my old habits. I have learned to have food in moderation, yet, when my family brings some sweets into the house, my mouth starts to water. I then find myself in dialogue in my head, trying to convince my brain and tummy that I do not need the junk! 

Knowing better doesn’t always mean doing better. I know something is bad for me, but if it looks and smells good, I want it. I have now had a cheat schedule and a cheat level. I give myself one cheat meal a week, with levels to it. 

Low Cheat:  A low cheat is if I make a healthy alternative to what I want. That would be a healthy version of Thai food or Sushi at the Thai Restuaraunt. I will get a Thai Chili Salmon with veggies, no rice. I still get that sweet sauce on my food, but I am eating a fish high in protein. I also balanced it out with steamed veggies. When I get sushi, I have the Naratu roll. This is a fancy way of saying the sushi is wrapped in cucumber. I will also get a side of edamame with no salt. Edamame is high in fiber, antioxidants, and Vitamin K. They are also a good source of protein.

Mid-Cheat: Mid-Cheats are for my fast food times! I will get a burger from Five Guys or Shake Shake and have no bun! Ain’t nothing like a little lettuce wrap to get you to curb that craving. You’re probably noticing a trend. No bun, no rice. I do my best to make sure I do not have too many carbs during a cheat. I am not keto. It is just how I choose to eat. Carbs have never gone well with my stomach, even before the surgery. 

High Sweet Cheat: Chocolate! High Sweet cheats mean I get to eat my beloved chocolate. I will have my Lindt’s Hazelnut Chocolate or specialty donut. These cheats are when I am rewarding myself for completing a big goal that I have sought out to do!

I am 5 lbs away from 100 lbs total weight loss! I hope I can make it and don’t get distracted along the way! Right now, I am eating for the body I want not the body I have.

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