Get the Strap! SheFit Bra Review

When I started working out, guess what the hardest thing to figure out was. Yep, that’s right, SPORTS BRAS. When you have a smaller chest, you don’t have to think about how bulletproof your bra is. But for us bigger chested girls, it is a struggggleeee to find the right sports bra, and sometimes we still have to double bra it! 

She fit bra in left hand picture

For years, I would wear two bras and a tight shirt over it so nothing would fall out. The tight shirts were to make sure I didn’t have any accidents in the gym. It is also very painful when the girls move around a lot, especially during a high-impact cardio workout. 

Shefit bra (retrieved from

I tried a lot of different bras, and nothing worked. It wasn’t until I kept seeing this Instagram ad about the SHEFIT bra. The ad has these women doing hardcore exercises and then adjusting the bra with the velcro straps. STRAPS?!. Adjustments??? I NEED! 

Of course, like many other people who get distracted by IG ads, I clicked to find out more about it. I started looking at how excellent the bras are and how they are adjustable. Then I realized… OH, 65 BUCKS! Hell Nah to the Nah Nah. 

So for a year and a half, I gave up the dream of having a perfect sports bra and continued on my double bra regiment for workouts. Remember, this time, my workouts were few and far between, so it didn’t bother me too much. 

After taking workouts seriously, a year later, I knew I needed something of more quality. After all, I was working out every day. So I circled back to SHEFIT Bra. and when I tell you, GIRL, I sat on that page for like an hour convincing my cheap ass to buy it. You know you CHEAP when you have to give yourself a pep talk to purchase something. Remember y’all; I don’t have a job at the moment.  I AM BROKE BABYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

After an hour, I bit the bullet and got the bra, but I used Afterpay! I wasn’t willing to see all that money come out all at once, haha! 

Now, when I got the bra, it felt like a dream. I opened the packaging, and I swear I heard the angels singing a song to me. 

Praise the LORD! The bra felt so good on! I don’t shake too much. Gone are the days when I have to wear two bras (except for the laundry day). The bra feels nice; you can tailor your fit with the velcro straps on the shoulders and the strap around your rib cage. 

It fits as snug or loose as you want it to be. 

Another thing I noticed was the hooks before you zip the front of the bra. These hooks also help keep “the girls” in place! When I tell you you are strapped in, you are strapped in!

You have to try it! Now I am not saying to spend all your little coin on this if you can’t do it, girl, don’t. (they got Afterpay thoughhhhhhhhh) But these are the ONLY sports bras that have worked for me. If you do have any good big boob-friendly sports bras, let me know. 

Sidebar Glamourise bras did not work for your girl. They were garbage! That’s my own opinion, though.

2 thoughts on “Get the Strap! SheFit Bra Review

  1. I am forever giving myself ‘pep talks’ when shopping. Your side by side picture looks amazing! Congrads to you, the hard work shows👍🏾👌🏾


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