30 & Living!

That moment when you feel younger in your 30s than your 20s. OOOWWWW!  But seriously, I am SUPER proud of myself!. At 29, I was 95lbs heavier. I truly made a full-on transformation. I look back, and I didn’t even realize how much I have changed. I literally have to look at before and afters to see the difference for myself. 

Same moves, same girl, new mindset

I have pushed my body to do so many things I did not know I can do. I thank GOD that I took that step to a healthier lifestyle and took it seriously. Weight loss surgery changed my mindset, and I move entirely different now. I push myself every day to keep going and keep pressing on. 

Do I make mistakes? Hell yeah? Do I eat naughty foods sometimes, yes! But, I don’t shame myself. I keep moving forward towards my ultimate goal of a healthy lifestyle. 

At 29, I had low energy, would get winded from dancing for long periods. I had bad knee problems and couldn’t walk in heels because it was so uncomfortable for me. I used to be so tired and less mobile now I am moving. I feel like a new woman at 30, because I got MEG KNEES NOW! At my birthday party, I was able to drop it and pick it back up multiple times!

 I feel more alive now. I am so much more capable. I can’t believe this journey and the results I am seeing. I cry, thinking about how far I have come. 

All the tools you need to be successful are already in you.


This post is for anyone who thinks they can’t make significant changes in their life. YOU CAN! You just must grab whatever is out there for you. Don’t doubt your abilities or your drive. All the tools you need to be successful are already in you. God has blessed you with abundance. You can do anything! TRUST ME!

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