Remembering X

I was seven years old, and my mom got her hair done at a family friend’s house. As my mom got her hair done upstairs and got the latest gossip, my sister and I were downstairs with my friend’s daughter. We passed the time by playing and watching music videos, an activity that I still find so much fun. As we watched the music videos on MTV, singing and dancing to the songs, I heard an unfamiliar song from a strange voice. This man had a rasp to his tone. It sounded like he was growling. His tempo would change rhythmically like he was spitting poetry. I heard his hurt and power all at once.

As the song kept going, I started to look deeper at the screen. A bald head man, skin but with cut muscles singing from in what looked like a ditch. I was intrigued by the video. What is this? Who is this?

It was DMX. His sound and his music would then be something that I enjoyed so much throughout the years. You can often find my boyfriend and I singing to What these B**** Want in the car at the top of our lungs.

His passion, cadence, his energy, and sound just works. It is like nothing anyone has heard or can be duplicated. His music spoke to all of us because we all have high points and low points in our lives.

DMX is anointed his prayers brought chills because you can feel the relationship that he has with the Lord. DMX’s faiith and anointing can not be faked. It is a natural energy that is nurtured through building a relationship.

This playlist is for X and his memory. Thank you for gracing us with your music and your art. Thank you for showing us that God loves all of us no matter what we’ve been through. Thank you for your voice!

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