Level Up: Pre-Workout Review

Before my workout journey, I never thought about supplements or ways to increase my workout quality. When I started to get serious about getting healthy, I researched different protein powders and supplements to keep me on point.

Recently I got my hands on Just Move Energy Rush Supplement. This is a keto-friendly pre-workout supplement that increases endurance and focus. The drink is plant-based and is BLACK OWNED!

Just Move Energy Rush: Fruit Punch

When I first saw reviews on the product, people were saying that it tastes like Kool-aid? I was like, KOOL-AID, this can’t be true. I had to try it and see for myself. I placed a pre-order and waited for it to come.

When it came in the mail, I rushed to open the jar. As soon as I took off the protective seal, I instantly smelled that fruit punch aroma. AHHHHH! It reminded me of my childhood. It reminded me of when I would have food after church, they give me a big glass of fruit punch to wash it down. Yea. That smell!

I already exercised that day, so I waited to try the pre-workout the next day. I woke up, and it was on and poppin’! I went to the kitchen, grabbed the jar and some water, and mixed the drink. After I finished mixing, I took a sip and started getting ready for my workout. I began to put on my exercise clothes and took out my equipment. I would take a few sips of the drink got myself together.

Honestly, I was sipping to savor the flavor. When I tell y’all this damn drink does taste like Kool-aid. The Energy Rush Supplement gave me that energized feeling without feeling jittery. My hands didn’t feel numb, and I was pumped to get my workout started. I even burned over 75 more calories than I would burn during an average workout.


Would I repurchase the Just Move Energy Rush Supplement? Let’s just say I already have a backup jar ready for when I finish the first jar! It tastes fantastic, packed with vitamins and superfoods to give my body the energy needed to perform a successful workout. Oh, and did I mention that it is black-owned!

If you want to try the Just Move Energy Rush Supplement or the protein supplements on this site, please use my affiliate link!


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