Down in The Dumps: VSG Regrets

VSG Surgery has been excellent for me so far. I feel like it has put a fire under me to really work on myself. HOWWWWWWEVER! There are some serious things that I HATE about being sleeved. The thing I hate the most about VSG is the Dumping! What’s dumping? Listen to this story, then you’ll know.

When I first started my VSG journey, I joined a lot of groups on Facebook. Through the beginning stages of the process, I wanted to know exactly what I would endure. I would ask questions and read discussions on the page.

One common word I saw was “Dump.” People on the page would post saying things like this:

What’s, does Dumping feel like?

I just had my first dumping experience.

I have not yet experienced dumping.

What foods make you dump?

I am scared of experiencing dumping.

I still couldn’t for the life of me understand what they were talking about. Until it first happened to me. I was out with my boyfriend to see my best friend, and we thought we would stop for food. I was way past my soft food phase of post-op, so I did not mind when my boyfriend wanted Chinese takeout.

We stop at the Wing Yum, and I get the Steamed Chicken and Broccoli. And my boyfriend got the General Tso Chicken.

When we got back home, I noticed they gave me a little side sauce for my Steamed Chicken & Broccoli. I decided to pour some on the side to eat with my meal. I poured just enough sauce just enough to make the chicken taste less bland.

As I ate, I felt fine. I enjoyed my meal but at slow (you know, sleeved girl style). I was mindful of every bite, chewing slowly, finding all the signals to realize when I am full. (All that shit they teach you in VSG CLASS).

I start feeling full, so I stop, put my food away, and start talking to my boyfriend at the kitchen table.

BOOM. I suddenly start to feel like I need to lay down. So I lay down on the couch in the living room. I convinced my boyfriend to watch a Bojack Horsemen so that he can both lay down.

We got comfortable, and my boyfriend and I started to drift off into a nap. So I thought.

BAM! In the middle of my nap, my heart starts racing. I breathe more profound and more in-depth to try and slow it down.

No, I am sweating and start to feel gassy. In my head, I hear that TikTok Song, “Oh no. Oh no. Oh, no, no, no, no, no!”

I had to figure out what the hell was going on with me. I start passing back and forth because I am trying to let the gas pass through movement in true Haitian-Style. It’s not working!

So, I back down to try to relax my body. But position felt comfortable to me at the time. I tried my best to make it look like I was okay. I did not want to wake my boyfriend. I did not want him to worry.

(if you have a weak stomach, stop here and scroll down to the next section with the asterisks)

My stomach started to grumble, and I kept belching air. I decided to go to the bathroom. My stomach was in knots. I bent face forward to the toilet, and only clear liquid came out. It was a thick liquid. It felt like phlegm.

What the hell is that, I thought. What is going on? Am I dying? (Oh, I am also dramatic, so this might not have been that bad for other ppl with VSG)

But y’all, I thought I was dying! I did not know where that all came from.

After I was done immediately felt better and immediately went back to sleep.

The next morning I went and Googled VSG & Dump, and this is what I saw:

Retrieved from
Retrieved from

I was like, damn! I had my first DUMP! And boy, was it a terrible feeling.

Now I tend to have this when I overeat or use mindfulness tools when eating. But a specific food that causes this for me is Chinese Takeout. Sushi and Thai Food have both never bothered my sleeve. But babbbbyyyyyy that Chinese Takeout; NO JOKE!

If you have or plan on being sleeve or getting weight loss surgery, beware because it hurts. Stay mindful of what you eat or eat a few portions. That dump is something SERIOUS! But if it happens, know you’ll make it through because my dramatic ass did too!

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