Fitness Wake Up Call

This week I’ve learned a valuable lesson. STRETCH. I’m not going to lie. I am super hard on myself when it comes to working out. But no one is going to get my ass up to workout but for me. I do the best I can, yet there are so many things I should do to improve on my fitness goals. 

I have neglected my body this week. I woke up so tight. My hip flexors were locked, and my knee was sore. My back felt so damn stiff my joints felt like a garlic knot, all twisted. What made it even worse was that I got a massage, and I made myself sore after the massage (NICE ONE RACHEL SMH) 

This week I focused on stretching. Yes, I worked out, but stretching was more important to me. I sometimes forget how important it is to recharge my body and be useful to it. I forgot that I am definitely not 18 anymore, and my body needs to recover from the workouts. 

I am now trying to add stretching and yoga into my routine because it helps calm my anxiety and helps me with my breathing. 

I am on the hunt for more stretching and yoga videos, so if you have any, please comment on them below. I also have a video below that you can use, so let’s keep sharing the knowledge!

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