Top 5 Protein Shake

Protein shakes are a big part of the sleeved community. I went through about 3-4 whole weeks having water and protein shakes (liquid phase). The liquid phase was a phase I thought I would never get out of. But I made it, and now I have a great ranking of my favorite protein shakes! Trust me, I have had my fair share of terrible protein shakes. I wanted to give you a rundown of my top 5 favorite protein shakes. 

This is my list of premade protein shakes that are already in the bottles. I will make another top 5 of my favorite protein powders. I usually prefer premade protein shakes because I don’t have to take time out of my day to make a shake after a workout. I also find powders grainy and annoying to shake or blend on my own. Pre-packaged shakes cost more, but if you have a BJ’S, Sam’s Club, or Costco Card, you can find all the drinks that I have mentioned. 

Fairlife Core Power Elite High Vanilla Protein Shake 42g: I love this shake because not only does it have more than half of my daily intake of protein, but it tastes so creamy and less thick. Hands down, in my opinion, this shake taste like a milkshake. It is not thinking like most Premier Protiens, but it also does not have as many vitamins and minerals. You can get the Fairlife protein shakes with 30g or even 22g of protein in it. I suggest buying these if you already take multivitamin supplements and are not worried about getting a certain amount of vitamins and minerals in your diet a day. This is stickly protein, but it tastes soooo damn good. No lie, this is BOMB! 

Atkins Mocha Latte: One thing about me, I am a coffee drinker, so I am always looking for a fair protein shake with caffeine. There is something about this drink; I just love it. It only has 15g of protein, so it’s not as much as the other protein shakes that I am used to but, it still has a decent amount of protein. It tastes perfect, and I have not found a better one. It has a great chocolate taste and packs a punch of caffeine enough for us VSG folks if we are a little backed up. (Because yes, when you get sleeved, it is hard to poop. (sorry just being honest) 

Preimer Protien Vanilla: These shakes I consider my OG! These shakes were the first shakes I started out with to prep for my surgery. 30g of protien and a full serving of daily vitamins and mineral, bariatric surgeons and nutritionist recommend these shakes the most. Remember, these shakes are thick. And leave a strong taste in your mouth I usually brush my teeth another time to not have the taste linger, but thats just me. But the premier protein shakes are not that bad; I would say to try it out if you are a beginner with protein shakes because it has all the nutrients you need. 

Atkin’s Plus Chocolate: When I first started with my protein shake regiment, I wanted to incorporate something to satisfy my chocolate addiction. This was extremely hard because I do not enjoy chocolate milkshakes. For some reason, I liked the Atkin’s Chocolate milkshake. It is not too thick, and it has a 30g of protein. The regular Atkin’s protein shakes only have 15g of protein, so you know you’re getting a generous dose!

Fairlife Core Power Elite High Chocolate Protein Shake 42g: As I already said. FAIRLIFE IS THE TRUTH! These shakes taste so good. It’s like a treat. It honestly does not taste like you’re having a protein shake. I like to have the chocolate milkshakes on the weekend after an intense workout because it’s like a treat to myself for a job well done. Try these protein shakes. They are sooo sooooooo tasty.

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