Top 5 YouTube Workouts!

Now, I used to have a gym membership. But Child the Rona is still out here running crazy! So I will keep my little self in the house and workout from home. A lot of people ask me what workouts do I like to do and what are my go-to workout videos. I finally sat tail down to give you all my top 5 workouts on Youtubes. Yes babyyyy, I am helping you save your coins!

5. Dancing Out The Box: This is a dancing/boxing combo exercise routine. You know I love to dance, so of course this is part of the rotation!

4. Soca Workout: Like I already said I love soca. This workout will give you a sweat and is great cardio.

3. Trap N Tone: Y’all already know I am TeamLashae, so I gotta represent for my sis! These workouts will help you tone your body and have fun at the same time. (These are saved YouTube Live Workouts)

2. Mr.London: I love a Mr. London workout, he gives you workouts to help you target your problem areas. The results are amazing and he’s giving FREE INFORMATION!

1 DANCE TABATA! MY ALL TIME FAVORITE WORKOUTS! Hip Hop Tabata is an amazing sweat. Both quick and effective. Pop Sugar hosts some of my favorite Hip Hop Tabata Workouts, but of course check out Keaira Lashae’s Youtube Page for more of her free Hip Hop Tabata Workouts.

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