If No One Claps For You, Clap For Yourself!

“If no one claps for you, clap for yourself,” I heard TD Jakes say this to Tamar Braxton on the episode of the Braxton Family Values. This quote stood out to me because TD Jakes wasn’t talking about Tamar being cocky or boastful. He was talking about other people’s inability to be happy for us. 

How many times have you shared the good news with a friend or even a family member, and they did not share your excitement. Not everyone is going to be happy for you. We need to learn that. Sometimes we need to take time out to uplift and appreciate ourselves. No one is going to be more happy for you than you! Why not do something to treat yourself or celebrate your accomplishments?

Be aware of the reactions of others when you share good news. It is an eye-opener. Some people will display their own insecurities, or automatically get negative. Or my favorite, people may even miniamize your success. “Oh congrats on your ‘little’ project.” Beware of them people that add that ‘little’ in they compliments. Because its CAP!

I have learned to protect my peace. There was a time I used to share EVERYTHING with all friends and family. Some people would be happy for me, while others would put their fears, concerns, and insecurities on me. There would even be some people that brushed off my success and did not care. Once I became more aware of people’s reactions, I started to approach things differently. I take my time before I share something. I just would celebrate myself first before telling other people. 

It is fair to keep things from people for a while. Enjoy your moment. Take some time to clap for yourself. Celebrate your achievements with the person you love most. YOU! This will boost you up so much that even someone’s negativity can’t bring you down. Because you already clapped for yourself. 

I am not saying you have to stop sharing things. I think it’s great to have someone to share and celebrate successes with. If someone does not share your excitement, make sure you take the time to congratulate your triumphs! No matter what, you know you have done something to praise your hard work and thank God for bringing you through. Don’t expect people to be happy for you but be okay with celebrating something on your own. Validation is not required by others when you already validate yourself.

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