Creating Vision

Goals are great, but sometimes you need to visualize your road map to success. I started doing vision board parties about four years ago. It is an annual party I do to manifest what you want to see in my future. But even before I do my vision board party. I like to evaluate the year before. I think about my year, accomplishments, and obstacles. As I reflect, I usually go back to my personal journal entries. I like to think back on my obstacles and my accomplishments. 

Picture of me at my friend’s vision board party

What I value the most about the vision board party is to affirm and encourage my friends on their goals. It allows me and my friends to have a shared vision. We can use that as a spark to champion each other to push through and get the things they’ve always wanted (tangible and not tangible). Vision board parties are the best way to set the tone for positivity and hope at the beginning of the year. At the end of the year, I love looking at my board and see what I accomplished and what I still need to work on. I seldom get discouraged about what I did not get done because I know I have the potential to get it done.

This year, I did not host my own vision board party. Luckily my friend had very nice intimate party for us to share our vision boards. During the get-together, we enjoyed drinks, laughs, stories, aspirations,and new ideas. We affirmed each other and had quality time. 

Are you planning on having a vision board party? Here are some tips on having a successful vision board party? I compiled these tips from my own parties and my friends recent party. 

Picture from one of my past vision board parties
  1. Set the Scene: The vibe always has to be on! You need to get some excellent libations! I always do a little mimosa bar and maybe a rum punch. I like nice little finger foods, most likely something simple I can find at BJ’s or Costco. They have great finger foods you can just pop in the oven. 
  2. Get Materials: You, of course will need magazines, scissors, glue, and paper. But I also lie to get the cheerful quote stickers you often find in Michael’s planner section. 
  3. Make it Positive: When it’s time to share boards with everyone. Make sure you positively validate your friends. Show them that you support them by cheering them on. Speak life in them at that moment. It will make them feel more motivated to get those goals done.
  4. Don’t Let the Boards Stop There: Keep your board up where you can see it each day. The more you see it, the less likely you are to forget your goals for the year. You gotta keep your eyes on the prize, sis! But you also got to help your friends stay on track as well. Keep supporting your friends. If you see them working towards stuff on their vision board. 
Beautiful spread made by my friend for her vision board party.

Enjoy your Vision Board Party! You can still do a virtual vision board party or have a small gathering with two or three friends. Remember, you can achieve anything if you work hard!

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