Fitness Goals for 2021

During the holidays, I really enjoyed myself! I did not deny myself snacks or foods that I wanted. I worked out, but I still tried my best to stay balanced. Now it is time to kick it back into high gear. For many, the new year is when new goals start, and many people start with fitness goals. I think this a perfect time to hit the reset button.

Though I have lost so much weight in the past six months, I still have new fitness goals for the year. I am still relatively new to this fitness life. I want to keep challenging myself while making sure I do not lose momentum. Here are a few of my fitness goals for the year:

  1. More Meal Prep: There are sooooooo many times I have no idea what to make and end up eating later than expected. I tend to agonize about what I should eat that will be both substantial and healthy. I think meal prepping will help me stay on track but not stress myself out during a busy week. I just hope I got the patience to stand over the stove for a few hours and chef it up!
  2. Step Aerobics: I am not sure if it’s me, but the workout videos be giving me lifeeeeeee. I really would like to do a class when OUTSIDE opens up. Until then, I will practice it at home. Lifting More Weights: I want to be a beast! I want to move a damn car! Nah, I’m playing. But I do want to work on toning my body a bit more. I usually go up to 15 lb weights. I want to start bench pressing and doing deadlifts.
  3. Active Rest Days: I will be honest. I feel guilty about rest days, and I tend to internalize it as me being lazy that day. I want to incorporate more self-care.
  4. Fewer Weigh-Ins: In the VSG community, Weigh-Ins are important for post-op appointments. My doctor told me to weigh myself at least once a week. I feel like sometimes that can even be too much. I want to worry about the scale less and focus on more non-scale victories.

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