A Rachiie Speaks Christmas Story

Christmas was always magical for me. I enjoyed every minute of preparing my list, visiting Santa, and taking pictures with him. I would wait for the Big Toys R Us Book to come in the newspaper to organize my list with my sister.

One year, my father came home with the newspaper early Sunday Morning. He let out a big roar that it was here! My sister and I both knew that meant the Big Toys R Us Book was here.
We ran to the front of the house and wrestled back and forth to take a peak first. Our father lifted the booklet up in the air and told us that we needed to share the book. We nodded and agreed to look at the booklet together in our playroom.

My Sarcastic Christmas Face at 7 yrs old

Our eyes lit up as we flipped through the pages. We saw all the cool new toys and electronics that were coming out this year. Our possibilities seemed endless. My sister then came up with the idea to circle all the items we wanted. She took a blue pen, and I took black to indicate who wanted what. We took Christmas seriously. We had a whole system mapped out.

This year we knew we were both excellent, so we knew Santa would give us all the fantastic toys we wanted. We as we handed the book to our parents a week later, my mom looked very overwhelmed. What was her problem? It’s not like she was going to get all this stuff for us. Was Santa about to hold us down right? WRONG!

She questioned us and asked if we wanted to scale down our wish list. We both agreed that the list was great, and we did not need to look over it again.

My mom slams down the magazine, close it, and say in frustration, “That’s it. Make your list smaller. Santa is your father and me!”

What! How could this be? I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! I argue that what she was saying was not the truth! But she rebuttals back, giving me facts.

Heartbroken and taken back by the news, my face starts to become hot. My face wells up with tears, and I run to my playroom and begin to cry.

I felt like the magic of Christmas was ruined for me. How could my parents lie to me after all this time? I loved that feeling that Santa was able to deliver all these presents across the world.

Eventually, as all children do, I would get over it, and the holiday’s remained an amazing time for me. We would get great gifts, enjoy Christmas music, and have a wonderful dinner made by my mother. My father would usually buy a Buche de Noel from a french patisserie for us to have for dessert. YUMMY.

But what I love most about this holiday is the enthusiasm and cheer that it brings to my family. We watch movies like A Christmas Story. We listen to Christmas music and have a cheerful spirit celebrating the birth of Christ.

The memories of Christmas will always be positive ones for me.

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