Find the Source, Not The Symptom

When we have a sore throat, we usually take a tea or a Halls Cough Drop. When we have a tummy ache, we take Tums or Pepto Bismol. But those are only treating the symptoms. How many times do we treat the root of those issues? When do we ever get to the source? This idea also relates to our lives.

We can become frustrated and have a glass of wine to mellow us out. Or get a big burger and fries when we need to eat our problems away emotionally. That only temporarily fixed our frustration. It only temporarily healed our emotional pain. What is the root?

It is time for us to find our pain source and not cure the symptoms with temporary fixes. I realized when I briefly remedy the issues in my life with something tangible, that issue always comes back.
What does it mean to find the source? Find out what the cause is. Before my VSG surgery, I would get sick and exhausted on random days. I wasn’t sure what it was. There would be days I could not complete anything, and I would stay in bed all day feeling sick and tired. I realized rice and pasta would always make me feel sluggish. So I cut the source.

To let my light shine, I had to let go of other people’s darkness.

But it doesn’t always have to be food. It could be drinking or something you see on social media. It can even be a person! Yes, a person, people can be draining as hell!

There are times when my energy is low, and I shut down in a room full of people. Why did that happen? Did I feel dismissed? Did someone just shut me down? What was the source? I need to recognize that to move forward from that person. That person’s energy was draining mine. For me to let my light shine, I had to let go of other people’s darkness.

Getting to the source can be uncomfortable. We are more comfortable with finding short-lived fixes. It has come to the point that finding the origin of our pain feels unnatural. It feels like unchartered territory. It requires us to get deeper and think more in-depth about how and why we react to things in specific ways. But, it can be liberating to let go of something that has bonded us.

I am still working on myself. I don’t get all the answers, Sway! I still have things and people I need to let go of, but the process is troublesome. Finding the source is not a pretty process, though it has incredible benefits to my healing.

3 thoughts on “Find the Source, Not The Symptom

  1. I absolutely agree with your views on this subject. We all do a “great” job managing our symptoms while masking the disease. Most of us have learned that as a defense mechanism. Let’s hope 2021 is the year where we all unmask our diseases and actually deal with them head on!


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