Affirming Myself

How you talk yourself through situations is how you will perform through adversity. So Rachel, “Talk to me, NICE!” Oh yea, I am talking to myself. I believe that it’s essential that I speak life into myself, the more optimistic I am. The more concentrated I am and have more willingness to GET SHIT DONE!

Before practicing positive affirmations, I would doubt myself a lot. I often quit and give up. I would question my abilities and avoid accomplishing my goals like the plague. I was so afraid of failure that I would tell myself I can’t before I even started.

Failure sometimes is inevitable, but it’s about how you pivot. That didn’t work, so what’s next! I started to release old mindsets that I once had by using affirmations and self-talk. When I started coaching myself through obstacles, I realized my energy shifted. I was less tired throughout the day. I changed my “I can’t” to “one day I will.”

While I still struggle with those negative thoughts in my head, I now have the tools to change my views over time. I use music, an affirmation wall, prayer, essential oils, and meditation to get my mind right. I need a whole vibe to get me together!

And if all else fails, take my ass to bed and try to start again after a nap! Sometimes I’m just cranky, chile!

I want to share the affirmations that I used to create my affirmation wall. Below you will find a YouTube that I used when I first started reciting affirmations. I took the words from this video and put it on a nice poster next to my mirror and repeat it when I am down on myself.

Affirmation video that I used to create my affirmation wall

What are some of your words of affirmation? Write them in the comment section so we can share them!

And remember ladies:

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