Not Ya Mama’s Workout

For a while, I found it hard to work out. I felt like working out was such a damn hassle. I would start and stop and start and stop. I hated the fact that my workouts were sooo damn BORING. It felt like a chore to get up, put on my workout gear then workout. Ugh, dis tew much!

I was on the hunt for the best workouts that were both effective and fun. I first tried the 21 Day fix. I started off strong! Then failed. 21 Day fix’s exercises were cool, but they were not for me. I then tried to do an exercise program with one of my favorite YouTubers. That was VERY short-lived. I could not get any of the workouts right. I also didn’t feel like I had any accountability if I did not complete the exercises.

Finally, I started working out with co-workers every morning. I began to see a change and was happy with my starting results. I had the accountability of my co-workers to help me keep up my workouts. But then work started to get busy so slowly we met up less and less.

It was not until I discovered Keaira LaShae on YouTube. I started doing a few of her workouts before my surgery, and what drew me to her exercise program were the dances. One thing about me! I love to DANCE!

I love music and love to move. Coincidently her workout site is I got hooked quickly to her dance workouts. I got so excited after my surgery to get cleared to workout again. So much so that I jumped at the chance to join Keaira LaShae’s monthly challenge.

It was a Dance Tabata Challenge! The workouts are high energy dance moves that you hit for 4x’s 30 seconds full of 10 seconds between each round. It is a lot of fun and will give you some great twerk moves for the club. OWWWWWW!

In my first challenge, I saw excellent results. But, it’s not only the results. It’s the COMMUNITY for me, sis! The Facebook Group has outstanding challenge members. It is a community that keep me on my toes and support my fitness goals. We uplift each other each day, and it truly feels like a family.

Sometimes you need people in your corner, cheering you on to help make it to your goals. It takes a village for you to elevate, and Keaira LaShae’s community is like no other.

I have become so invested in Keaira LaShae and the community that I am now an affiliate. Her products have given me great results! It was a no brainer for me to apply to become an affiliate! I love using her Waist Snatcher Belt, Knee Strap, Weighted Bands, and her new Drip N Sculpt Sweat Belt. A review will come shortly!

Seen in Photo Booty Bands and Drip N Sculpt Belt from Team LaShae

If you want to get your life too, sis, get these products. Check them out by clicking here. She Is doing a HUGE BLACK FRIDAY Sale. So sis, GET ON IT!
Below you can find some of her free workouts on YouTube. Here’s a quick sample. Check it out and let me know what you think. But I truly encourage you to go to and subscribe for a membership!

2 thoughts on “Not Ya Mama’s Workout

  1. Work outs with you in the mornings are some of my fav memories at Stony! Glad you found something fun that helps you feel accountable! Keep killing it!

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