Five Dolla Fitness

Starting a fitness journey is challenging and expensive. People always say you don’t need much equipment. The truth is, you need more something to help with resistance during your workouts to tone your body. Meaning you might need to get some equipment.

In the middle of a pandemic, it is a struggle for me to find workout equipment. It seems like everything is sold out! And if it wasn’t sold out, it was way too much coin. I was not personally willing to spend too much. Helllllll Nah to the Nah Nah!

One day I stumbled into the store Five Below with my boyfriend. I saw there was a fitness section! That was when I started to build my little at-home gym. Five Below has a lot of items for people at all different levels.

In the picture below, you’ll see all the times I bought. I will review each product.

These are the items that I have purchased and used so far from Five Below.
  • 5 lbs Dumbell- $5: I use these lightweights to start any toning workout. These are perfect for warm-ups and aerobics.
  • 8 lbs Kettlebell- $5: I use this for any kettlebell workouts. It is a bit bulky, but you can’t beat having a kettlebell for 5 bucks! You can find kettlebells for up to 10 lbs at Five Below.
  • 5 & 8 lbs Medicine Ball- $5 each: These medicine balls are great for any medicine ball workout. They are not big or bulky; you will able to grip them well during your training. You can find medicine balls for up to 10 lbs at Five Below.
  • Firm Massaging Foam Roller- $5: Soreness is inevitable when working out. It is especially hard when you forget to stretch, like I usually do. I use the foam roller when I need to stretch out and massage and muscle aches. It works great! I can’t afford a massage right now, so that lil roller gonna have to do the trick!
  • Waist packs- $5: At the beginning of my fitness journey, I started off walking or going on short hikes. I usually held onto a book bag to hold my keys, phone, wallet, and hand sanitizer. This waist pack helps me feel a bit more light to walk faster and increase my cardio. The waist pack stretches so that it can fit quite a bit of stuff.

I hope you found my review of these items helpful. It is hard to pay so much to creating an at-home gym, so why not start small. Five bucks for each item is a steal. Five Below has way more fitness equipment than what I have. My best friend just went to Five Below a few days ago, and she got a weighted vest! Remember, not every Five Below is the same. I suggest going to multiple stores and looking at what they have.
Have you shopped for fitness equipment at Five Below? What did you get? Do you know any other affordable places to get fitness gear? Comment below and share with others!

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