Relax. Relate. Release.

My Meditation Story

I am headed to my office with a purpose. I had my Grande Breve Vanilla Latte with an extra shot of espresso, so you know it was “go time.” I had a few presentations to prepare for work. I sat at my desk to get started, feeling ready to produce something unique, as I usually do (yes, I like to toot my own horn, we all should). 

But you can’t do work without some good music, so I put on my playlist. I had to check my email first and responded to a few. Then my homegirl sent me some tea she found on IG, so I haddddd to look and put in my two cents. After that, my mom called me to help her order a plane ticket to Haiti for my dad (some of us got those parents that don’t care if you are on the clock, you are their child, so it’s always their time). Then my song came on in my office, so now I gotta post me living my best life getting it innnnn to an old school jam on my IG story. Then I get back to my work, but then something else needs my attention, and another thing, and another thing, then MADNESS. 

Before you know it, I’m two hours into “working” and haven’t gotten a thing done, but need to produce results. I’ll admit it, I am a bit scatterbrained, well, a lot scatterbrained. Actually, just call me a damn squirrel chile.

At that moment, I knew I needed a change. I needed to start focusing way better than what I was doing. Months back, we had a professional development meeting about meditation… in true Rachiie fashion, I didn’t take it seriously at first glance. But I knew today, I wanted to reconnect my mind to what I needed to accomplish. 

So I looked up meditations for work or productivity on Youtube. I put on my AirPods, closed my eyes, and started to listen. It was like a new world had opened up to me (currently singing a whole new world while writing this post). As I completed the meditation, your girl went to WORK! 

I got so much done, y’all it was terrific. But not just the quantity of the work, it was also the quality. I was praised for my efforts on a job well done, and it made me feel good. 

I then figured, from that point on, I’d start using meditation regularly. 

I know what your thinking, a black girl meditating? But sis, trust me. It has helped me ease my mind when I am stressed. It helps me recenter my energy. It even helps me refocus when I have a deadline. 

As black women, we have so much on our plate, we hardly have time to focus on ourselves and clear our minds from the millions of things we got going on. Family, friends, work, side-hustles, relationships, situationships, holding down our community. Chile it’s a lot. So why not take some time to pause that energy you have for everyone else and do something for you. Life won’t work as well if you are not working on yourself first. 

Namaste Sis Namasteeeeee!

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