Why Does Rachiie Speak?

You ever felt like holding your tongue was just the right thing to do? There were times that I thought it was best to just keep things in. But what did that do for me and my growth– NOTHING! With friends, I never said how and why what they said or did hurt me. I would do the same for situationships. I let people walk over me… ESPECIALLY FAMILY! But in allowing people to silence your feelings, you risk your own freedom and spirit.
So I believe it is my time to actually use my words to speak. Just recently, I noticed that I used the username “Rachiiespeaks” on Twitter and Instagram. However, there are often times I did not speak up for myself when I wanted to.
After almost 10 years of having the name “Rachiiespeaks,” it’s crazy how now I am actually using my words and speaking out for myself.
Hopefully, this gives you the courage to speak out; it gives you the freedom to feel all the feels when you want. I want this blog to be a journey for all of us to discover our voices our thoughts. I now know who “Rachiiespeaks” is. Let’s take this time to work on ways to speak bravely on who we are and continue to GROW.
It’s time to set boundaries.
It’s time to stop being hard yourself.
It’s time to work on your health.
It’s time to heal.

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